I’m Donna, married for 34 years to David, mother of two sons.  A Virginia girl, born and bred.

I am blessed to have several best girlfriends, but I tell my husband he is my favorite girlfriend. He loves me even when I’m a pill.

I am a morning person. Up without an alarm most days. Happy and busy the minute my feet hit the floor. On the flip side, I am in my pajamas by 8 pm and snoozing on the couch soon after – way too many nights.

I try to love bright and bold colors that pop, but I naturally gravitate to organic and earthy tones.

On my bedside table right now. Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, Uppercase magazine.

I like to try new experiences and learn new things.  Some stick and some don’t. In the stick category, there’s photography and quilting. In the just-a-passing-phase category, there’s tole painting, cake decorating, and terrariums. 

I am passionate about movement. A former physical therapist, I feel best when I keep moving. Exercise and sleep are the best medicines. 

I’m kind of a perfectionist.  So my mantra is “Do your best, and leave the rest.”

I used to whine about cooking family meals. Now my husband is my sous-chef and cooking is fun. I’m getting the hang of meal plans and grocery lists and shopping and we’re eating at home every night.  More healthy. Less expensive. More happy. Less fat.

My youngest son is headed off to college this fall, and I miss him already.  I talk to my oldest son most every day as he drives home from work. 

I believe that the best way to create interesting pictures is to have an interesting life.  Here goes. 

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